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IOW Surf Club – Frost Bite Series – Event No 2

IOW Surf Club – Frost Bite Series Event No 2

Event No 2 press release from the Isle of Wight Surf Club
(Thanks to Matt Harwood, Oliver Harvey and Dave Smart for the write up)

The November event held last weekend (Sat 13th) Doug Richards showed his true talent by overcoming a competitive field of talent to take the win in every testing, weak two foot surf at Compton.

Against tough competition, Doug surfed well through all rounds to book a berth in the final along side the ever-stylish Joe Truman, competitive Matt Harwood and Chris Mannion who has just returned from training in Australia.

Matt Harwood and Joe Truman opted for a strategy of catching inside waves and trying to build scores from medium size waves, but it was the patience of Chris and Doug who waited for bigger set waves out back who caught bigger waves that allowed room for faster moves and bigger turns. Finally, Doug edged out Chris to take the win with Matt coming third and Joe fourth.

The weekend was topped off by Alan Reed stylishly dominating and winning the first Longboard event and in the Junior Division Robin Forrest just edging out Henry Holmes(2nd) and Dylan Hamlet (3rd) to win. All three surfers showing great progression and skill.

Current Standing after 2 events (4 remaining)

1st Matt Harwood 34 pts
2nd Doug Richards 32 pts
3rd Joe Truman 28pts
4th Alan Reed 24pts
5th Nick Whittle 20pts
6th Luke Forrest
6th Rob Forrest
6th Chris Mannion

1st Alan Reed
2nd Doug Richards
3rd Joe Truman
4th Matt Harwood
5th Ollie Harvey 10pts
Chris Mannion 10pts
Scott Gardner 10pts
Jamie Richards 10pts
Phil Chase 10pts

1st Rob Forrest 40pts
2nd Dylan Hamlet 30pts
3rd Henry Holmes 16pts