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One Session Book the weeks you want in advance

Nippers is back on!

iSurf Nippers is designed to help build the surfing community on the Isle of Wight, particularly amongst the island’s youth. The club is for those aged 8-16 and sessions are only open to local children on the Island. Whether you’ve surfed before or are trying the sport for the first time, club sessions will provide individual support and guidance, and lots of group fun! Should it be flat for the session then we will run a session regardless, this might be in the form of games or fitness based training to help the children gain more confidence and strength in the water.

We have the ability to go all over the Island to run these sessions but we mainly use the Compton Farm end of Compton Beach (aka Fields) for these sessions and this will be where we will meet unless we msg you otherwise. Please be prepared to travel to these sessions wherever they are as we will not offer any refunds because you don’t want to travel to Sandown for example. We put alot of time and effort into organising these sessions and they only work financially if we fill each session, so please understand. The cost is reflected in this!

Please note you cannot just turn up for a session as the children need to be booked on prior to arrival as this can put a lot of added pressure on the staff if we get more than what we are expecting. We need to stick to ratio’s set out by the various governing bodies for safe running of these sessions.

We are following COVID guidelines and will be running groups of 8, we are spreading out the sessions to minimise big groups in a small car park. Once you have finished your session please move on as soon as possible.

To book follow these steps..
1) We are offering these sessions on a week by week basis to ensure you have the flexibility to pick and choose the sessions you can make.
2) We are only running sessions until the summer holidays, starting again in September.
3) Sessions will take place at the Compton Farm end of Compton Beach aka Fields. See link
4) If we need to relocate the lesson then we will txt you with details as early as we can.

To make sure you have a place until summer then you will need to book all the weeks in advance – spaces are on a first come first served basis.

Nippers (Ages 8+): £10 per week/session
N.B. Please book with your childs name

All you need is your own wetsuit gear and we supply boards and tuition

4.00pm – 5.00pm
4.30pm – 5.30pm
5.30pm – 6.30pm
6.00pm – 7.00pm

Staggered sessions/instructors in line with COVID guidelines.

N.B. we need a minimum of 5 for a session so we might need to move things around if you don’t get your chosen session.

1 hour

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